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Best Fried Rice near Erlton-Ellisburg, Cherry Hill NJ

Best Fried Rice near Erlton-Ellisburg, Cherry Hill NJ

Fried rice remains one of the standout dishes in Asian cuisine, with its incredible flavor profiles, flexible nature, and strong cultural roots. From premium meats and seafood to crisp, fresh vegetables, all types of combinations deliver results that are always delicious and satisfying. Additionally, the time-honored process of cooking these cherished rice dishes means that each ingredient maintains its texture while being infused with flavor-enhancing sauces and seasonings.

If you’re looking for the best fried rice near Erlton-Ellisburg, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, there’s no spot better than Canting Wok & Noodle Bar. Our restaurant is highly regarded across Camden County for masterfully fusing Asian cuisine with the excitement and appeal of street food. Our dishes are competitively priced, and feature an array of the finest local ingredients available. Even ardent fried rice enthusiasts would be hard pressed to find more appealing options anywhere else nearby.

Kimchi Fried Rice, some of the best fried rice near Erlton-Ellisburg, Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
Close up view of Erlton-Ellisburg, Cherry Hill Mushroom Fried Rice.

Fried Rice Near Me

Our exceptional chefs have crafted a wonderful Erlton-Ellisburg, Cherry Hill fried rice menu that not only honors the traditional roots of this much beloved dish, but also brings innovation and some of the best global flavors right to your dining table. We’ve made sure that each item on the menu is a showcase of textures, flavors, and creativity, providing a unique and special dining experience for everyone.

One of our most popular selections is the Kimchi Fried Rice, known for its perfect fusion of appealing textures and bold flavors. The tang and somewhat spicy kick of kimchi pairs great with the shrimp and sunny egg, while the gochujang (a savory and pungent Korean fermented condiment) provides additional depth with its umami-filled heat. We’ve created our Kimchi Fried Rice near Erlton-Ellisburg, Cherry Hill to be an adventure for your taste buds that combines the classic comfort of fried rice with some incredible traditional Korean elements.

Next up is our equally popular Bulgogi Fried Rice. Taking inspiration from great Korean barbecue, this excellent dish features tender pieces of filet marinated in savory and sweet sauce and then stir-fried to perfection. The crispy shallots add in a wonderful crunch that contrasts well with the soft, marinated filet. We also add in colorful edamame beans for a fresh and nutty flavor that complements the enticing richness you find with the beef.

Order Fried Rice near Erlton-Ellisburg, Cherry Hill

For those seeking a flavor-packed vegetarian option, our Erlton-Ellisburg, Cherry Hill Mushroom Fried Rice is a sure-fire hit. We sautée the mushrooms to achieve a meaty yet tender texture, and then combine that with warm and aroma-rich curry powder. The use of soy further adds to the savory nature of the dish, while green peas offer a burst of sweet freshness. What you end up with is a fried rice option that is indulgent and comforting at the same time.

As you browse the menu, we encourage you to take a look at our assortment of tasty Rice Bowls as well (your choice of white rice or brown rice). These include the Szechuan Chicken Bowl (marinated chicken served with bok choy, and garnished with crispy garlic), the Kimchi Tofu Bowl (stir fried tofu with kimchi, carrots, and scallions), and the Beef Bulgogi Bowl (marinated beef filet with broccoli and sesame seeds). Please rest assured that no matter what you end up ordering, our team puts a great deal of care into preparation to help ensure that your meal is accurate and ready for you in a timely manner.

At Canting Wok & Noodle Bar, our goal is to ensure your dining experience is nothing short of delightful. To help in achieving this, we provide a variety of dining options tailored to suit your preferences. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of our Asian restaurant, with plenty of seating and efficient service, perfect for those who prefer to dine in. For convenience without compromise on quality, take advantage of our easy-to-use online ordering system for both takeout and delivery options. Additionally, as a proud member of the Foodiehall network, we offer you the unique ability to combine menu selections from various partner restaurants into a single order, giving you access to a wide range of appealing culinary choices.

Bulgogi Fried Rice, a top fried rice dish near Erlton-Ellisburg, Cherry Hill, NJ.
Szechuan Chicken Rice Bowl, a great alternative to our Erlton-Ellisburg, Cherry Hill fried rice.

Indulge in Canting Wok’s Top Fried Rice Selections

When it comes to the best fried rice near Erlton-Ellisburg, Cherry Hill, Canting Wok & Noodle Bar stands head and shoulders above the rest. With a special menu that boasts a great selection of premium-quality dishes, we cater to a range of culinary needs and preferences. We’re also committed to bettering your overall dining experience with our multiple options. Whether you prefer the pleasant atmosphere of our dine-in service or the convenience of online ordering for pickup and delivery, we have you covered. Need food to wow your guests at an upcoming special event? We are pleased to provide cost-effective Asian food catering that is hassle-free and consistently reliable. If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (856) 702-2823, or reach out online.

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